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“Historically, women have been stereotyped…put in a box…and this has confined women in ways that prevent them from fully participating in the work of God. A closer look at the Bible tells a different story. Women played significant, often pivotal, roles, throughout both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Their lives tell us much about living godly lives, about love, faith, courage, strength, wisdom, commitment, prayer, leadership, and so much more.


It’s so important today that both men and women see and affirm God’s desires for all God’s people to fully enter into their calling.  So, for the remainder of the summer we will be exploring some significant contributions to the story of God through women; mostly from women! We encourage you to read about and learn from many of the women not covered.”

Want a great resource for further study presented by Fuller Seminary? She Is..., a workbook designed to help people engage questions of vocation through the stories of various biblical women.   ClICK HERE to download. 


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