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December 2 “I don’t Like Waiting”

Key Passage: Luke 2:22-38

Key Idea: We wait a lot in life; even wait on God. In the midst of our waiting, Advent reminds us that Jesus is there. “Waiting” can teach us about God, others and ourselves.

Jesus is present in our painful circumstances

While waiting, 3 questions to ponder:

• What can I learn about God?

• What can I learn about others?

• What can I learn about myself?

How you feel about waiting depends mostly on WHAT you're waiting for.

“You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” Dallas Willard

December 9 “Waiting in Wonder”

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Fall Sermon Series

When we say yes to following Jesus we begin a lifelong journey. On that journey we learn new things, face new challenges and become a different person in the process. No matter what your on-ramp to this journey/highway there’s an invitation to follow deeper. The ultimate goal: A love relationship with God.

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