Two Key Documents

We are pleased to present to you two key documents for your final review. Thank You to the many who have provided feedback to help get them to this place. We have worked hard to discern, include and clarify the ideas around these components of ECC’s values and hope you find the documents useful.

We consider these documents to be about 95% complete for the purposes of helping us get to the place of searching and ultimately hiring a new pastor. The goals with these documents are

  1. To gain alignment at a high level of the Pastor / Elder relationship

  2. To build clarity around the value of the “Priesthood of All Believers.”

Ultimately, these docs will help give any prospective candidate a sense of what type of community we are and what type of staff member we are looking for.  

Please note, a separate (and important) future task is to use these documents to help inspire and form an updated Profile, visitors documents and other components that articulate “who we are.” Those will come at a later date.

After you have read these, if you believe there are parts that are still unclear please email the elders ( with your comments by June 27th. 

In broad strokes, the next steps in this process look as follows:

  1. Further clarify anything from these documents if needed

  2. Gather feedback from the survey (launched last week) to inform the job description

  3. Propose a draft Job Description for community feedback

  4. Nominate a search team with “mandate” (role of search team) for community consideration

  5. Search Team orientation

  6. Launch the search 

Following the launch we would like to facilitate as soon as possible conversations around KRA 2 (community / family dynamic). This will be added in to aid the search committee.

Please see attached for the two documents and again, thank you for your active participation in this process.



Next Steps in the Transition Process.

Thank you to all who came out on Tuesday to a great discussion on the KRA’s for ECC during this transition time.

The Elders are intending to take the majority of May 7th as a ‘working retreat’ to create a roadmap or action plan, and begin the process of working through these topics. We will update you after that with the next steps for community participation in working through these areas.

We are grateful for your continued prayers, insight and participation in this process.

Transitional Assessment Update!

On Sunday April 2nd Gerry presented the results of the Transitional Assessment to the congregation at ECC after the morning worship gathering.  It was a major download of information that the congregation provided about ECC. Thank you for the 65 or so who attended this Sunday - incredible to see so many people there. 61 response postcards were handed in with an overall consensus that the report was helpful and informative.  

A significant part of the presentation was the 8 Key Result Areas to address as the church moves forward.  The Elders will be meeting this week to discuss next steps in the process and will be communicating to the congregation about this very shortly.

If you were unable to attend, or if you wish to review the material again the presentation powerpoint is available online HERE.  The audio from the morning is available HERE. The ECC history document can be found HERE for download.

Again, thank you to the many who have been praying and participating so actively in this process. 

Transitional Assessment Presentation -

Transitional Assessment Presentation - Sunday April 2, 2017, 11:30am

This presentation will be a comprehensive report after the Sunday morning worship gathering on Sunday April 2nd. All are welcome.  There will be short Toonie lunch as well as childcare provided.  The presentation will include the following:

  • A first draft history document addressing the question "Who Were We?'
  • Results of the Transitional Assessment and other research that answers the questions "Who Are We Now?" and "What is Important to Us?"
  • Data about the demographics of ECC as well as the surrounding community
  • Strengths to Celebrate
  • Growth areas to address
  • Proposed Next Steps
  • Prayer time and Opportunity for Q & A

Please mark your calendar for this important event, and please uphold this entire process in prayer.  

The History Wall!

ECC History Wall Event - Sunday February 12th at 6:30 pm at ECC

Writer L. Thomas Holdcroft wisely reminds us that "the past can be an excellent guidepost, but a dangerous hitching post."  As part of the Transitional process we want to harvest wisdom from the past story of ECC in an effort to clearly answer the question "Who Were We?"  Once we get an answer to this question we can start working on the question "Who Are We Now?"

One of the happy ways to harvest "guidepost wisdom" from the past is through a History Wall Event.  What happens at a History Wall Event?  There are plenty of post it notes, round table chats, deserts, and usually few good laughs too!

This event is open to everyone, but it is vital that those who are long term attenders participate as they have a longer story to draw from.  Please call the church office to sign up so we know how many great deserts to have ready. CHILDCARE IS PROVIDED.  Need more info? Contact Gerry at

Friday Update!

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the Listening Event.  There has been a great response with over 30 appointments booked. 

If you would still like to participate, but were unable to do so this past week, please contact me (Gerry) directly at

The next major step in the Transitional Process will be to launch the Transitional Assessment and host the very exciting History Wall

Event (evening) on Sunday February 12th.  The History Wall event is open to all, but it is especially important for everyone who has attended the church for 20 years or longer to make this event a priority.  (there will be food!)  Please sign up for this event by calling or e-mailing Karen at the church office.  

Please remember that you can also find out more about the entire Transitional Process from the newsletter that was presented last week or by previous posts here.

Thank you!

Welcome Gerry!

We are excited to kick off the transitional consultant process with Gerry Teichrob. We thought for the first post we'd give a better overview of what ECC can expect from Gerry so that we have a clear picture of what the coming months will hold for us all. We've also posted his contact information below should you have any questions.

What is the Role of the Transitional Coach? The Transitional Coach provides leadership and oversight of the Transitional process. This includes:

  • Ongoing guidance and communication for the Elders as related to the transition process.
  • Serving as a guest participant at Elders meetings throughout the Transitional process.
  • To oversee the assessment process of the overall health of the congregation including strengths to celebrate and Key Result Areas (KRAs) to be addressed.
  • To present the results of the assessment and a plan to address the Key Result Areas to the Elders and congregation.
  • Working with a team appointed by the Elders to write the Pastoral Profile document.
  • Guiding the review, clarification and/or development of church’s Vision/Mission and the Pastoral Profile.
  • To work with the Elders for the advancement of the health and vitality of the church through the period of Transition.
  • To provide preaching ministry when specific Transitional issues may need to be addressed.
  • To ensure stellar communication with the congregation on key issues related to the Transitional process.
  • To be available to provide pastoral services on a backup basis, if the need should urgently arise.

Keeping You Informed
We want to be sure we keep the congregation informed about the journey of Transition. There are a number of ways communication will take place:

  • Regular updates during Sunday gatherings
  • E-mails, bulletin updates and printed newsletters  A blog on the church website
  • The church’s Facebook page

For further information about the Transitional process you can also contact any Elder or our Transitional Coach Gerry Teichrob at or call 778-998-6265. Gerry will usually keep office hours on Wednesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings if you wish to meet with him.