The Leadership Team Update

Hello ECCers

We wanted to send you a quick note to introduce the relatively newly formed “Leadership Team” at ECC, provide a quick update on what we’re working on right now and give you a few key contact details for you to get in touch with us at any point. For those of you who have been with ECC for a while now, some of this may be “old hat” but for others it may be brand new. As always, we do welcome your feedback and questions.

What is the Leadership Team?

Great question, while everyone has a role at ECC, and many volunteer countless hours in other important ways, the Leadership Team is the principal group at ECC for providing spiritual and organizational direction and leadership to the Church as a whole.

What makes up the Leadership Team?

The team is composed of Elders & Pastoral Staff. Practically, the team operates as one group and seeks consensus on the agenda items and overall direction for the Church. We care for the spiritual, ministerial, organizational and practical needs of the church in the unique ways we're called to do so. The material difference between Elders and Pastoral Staff on the Leadership team is that the Elders are a strictly volunteer governing body, on renewable 3 year terms affirmed by the community after nomination. They fulfil the core ‘governance’ functions as well as act as the directors of the society. They oversee Sr. employees and are given the “final responsibility” for the decisions made at the church. As a whole team we do our best to fulfill the biblical and practical expressions of providing leadership to ECC in the way we feel the Lord calling us to at this time.

Who is on the Leadership Team?

Ken Pierce (Pastor), Andreas Russell (Associate Pastor), Marnie Flores (Elder), Steve Day (Elder), Lesley Richardson (Elder) and Jeff Golby (Elder, Chair).

When do you meet and what do you talk about?

We meet on the first and third Wednesday of every month.  Generally the first quarter of the meeting is spent on prayer for the needs of the community (please either talk to or email us to be on this list), the 2nd quarter is spent tackling administrative needs. The 3rd quarter is spent on Ministry updates and matters needing attention: hearing from staff and leaders in a given ministry. The final quarter is spent on bigger picture, strategic items for the Church. This ebbs and flows for any given meeting.  

What is the Leadership Team working on right now?

As it relates to the “Strategic Focus” for ECC, we’re working our way through the KRAs that were assigned to us during the transitional process. To read more about this process, click HERE. A very quick overview of what has been done so far and what we’re working on next can be found by going HERE.

The main KRA that we are working on right at the moment has to do with the Mission / Vision of ECC (KRA 9).  We have a few exciting updates for you on this, and Ken will be sharing more in just a few weeks. Stay tuned.

How do I get in touch?

Want to know anything else about the Leadership Team?

  • You can reach the team by emailing:

  • You can reach Ken by calling the office (604-270-4685), his cell (778-865-3262) or emailing

  • You can reach Andreas by calling his cell (6047209050) or emailing

Thanks so much for reading this novel. For some, this stuff can be boring and for others they get fired up by it. Wherever you’re at on this spectrum, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and look forward to continuing to work alongside you as we partner with Jesus to serve here at ECC and beyond.


Jeff Golby