A quick update on the "transition process" so far!

Right now we’re working our way through the KRAs that were assigned to us during the transitional process. To read more about this process, click HERE.

  • KRA #1: Ministry Philosophy of Leadership

    • Done, take a look at a handy document HERE.

  • KRA #2: Values Reflection about “Community”

    • Done, take a look at the handy document HERE.

  • KRA #6: Pastoral/Staff Elder Leadership Role

    • Done - see the Pastoral Profile

  • KRA #4: Elder – Congregation Relationship

    • More work to be done here. We are currently working on the Pastor / Elder relationship and then from there will walk through the Leadership Team / Congregation side of it shortly (fall 2018).

  • KRA #5: Governance

    • In process with BC Societies Act

  • KRA #7: ECC as Employer

    • Done! Our snazzy new Employee Handbook is available upon request.

  • KRA #8: Orientation for Newcomers

    • Working on it for the Fall - stay tuned for an update from Ken

  • Post Search KRAs - KRA #3 Mission, Vision and Location

    • Working on it now! See the next update!