Two Key Documents

We are pleased to present to you two key documents for your final review. Thank You to the many who have provided feedback to help get them to this place. We have worked hard to discern, include and clarify the ideas around these components of ECC’s values and hope you find the documents useful.

We consider these documents to be about 95% complete for the purposes of helping us get to the place of searching and ultimately hiring a new pastor. The goals with these documents are

  1. To gain alignment at a high level of the Pastor / Elder relationship

  2. To build clarity around the value of the “Priesthood of All Believers.”

Ultimately, these docs will help give any prospective candidate a sense of what type of community we are and what type of staff member we are looking for.  

Please note, a separate (and important) future task is to use these documents to help inspire and form an updated Profile, visitors documents and other components that articulate “who we are.” Those will come at a later date.

After you have read these, if you believe there are parts that are still unclear please email the elders ( with your comments by June 27th. 

In broad strokes, the next steps in this process look as follows:

  1. Further clarify anything from these documents if needed

  2. Gather feedback from the survey (launched last week) to inform the job description

  3. Propose a draft Job Description for community feedback

  4. Nominate a search team with “mandate” (role of search team) for community consideration

  5. Search Team orientation

  6. Launch the search 

Following the launch we would like to facilitate as soon as possible conversations around KRA 2 (community / family dynamic). This will be added in to aid the search committee.

Please see attached for the two documents and again, thank you for your active participation in this process.