Transitional Assessment Update!

On Sunday April 2nd Gerry presented the results of the Transitional Assessment to the congregation at ECC after the morning worship gathering.  It was a major download of information that the congregation provided about ECC. Thank you for the 65 or so who attended this Sunday - incredible to see so many people there. 61 response postcards were handed in with an overall consensus that the report was helpful and informative.  

A significant part of the presentation was the 8 Key Result Areas to address as the church moves forward.  The Elders will be meeting this week to discuss next steps in the process and will be communicating to the congregation about this very shortly.

If you were unable to attend, or if you wish to review the material again the presentation powerpoint is available online HERE.  The audio from the morning is available HERE. The ECC history document can be found HERE for download.

Again, thank you to the many who have been praying and participating so actively in this process.