Friday Update!

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the Listening Event.  There has been a great response with over 30 appointments booked. 

If you would still like to participate, but were unable to do so this past week, please contact me (Gerry) directly at

The next major step in the Transitional Process will be to launch the Transitional Assessment and host the very exciting History Wall

Event (evening) on Sunday February 12th.  The History Wall event is open to all, but it is especially important for everyone who has attended the church for 20 years or longer to make this event a priority.  (there will be food!)  Please sign up for this event by calling or e-mailing Karen at the church office.  

Please remember that you can also find out more about the entire Transitional Process from the newsletter that was presented last week or by previous posts here.

Thank you!