Transitional Process Roadmap – Major Events

We want to give you a clear picture of what the next few months will look like for ECC during this transitional time. Below is the roadmap we are intending to follow and look forward to journeying with you along the way.

  • Jan 18 to Feb 12: History Research
  • Jan 25, 27, 28: Listening Event
  • Feb 12: Launch the Transitional Assessment
  • Feb 12 Evening: History Wall Event
  • Feb 1 - 28: One on One Interviews
  • Feb 15: Preliminary report to Elders
  • Feb 15 - 28: Community Demographic Research
  • March 26 Evening: Assessment Presentation - please mark this on your calendars. It's a 'big deal' evening.

In addition to these major events, work will proceed on writing the first draft of the Pastoral Profile document. This document will answer 7 key questions about ECC in preparation for a future Pastoral Search:

  • Who Were We? (Our Story)
  • Who Are We Now? (our current state of health)
  • What is Important to Us? (our values)
  • How do we engage our community? 
  • Who do we hope to become (mission and vision)
  • What is the role of the Pastor in shaping mission & vision?
  • What kind of pastoral leader do we need? (character, competencies & leadership style)

Previous research, documents, and information gathered through the listening event, the history wall, the assessment and one to one meetings will all inform the writing of this document. The goal is present draft #1 of the Pastoral Profile document to the congregation late April or early May.