Welcome Gerry!

We are excited to kick off the transitional consultant process with Gerry Teichrob. We thought for the first post we'd give a better overview of what ECC can expect from Gerry so that we have a clear picture of what the coming months will hold for us all. We've also posted his contact information below should you have any questions.

What is the Role of the Transitional Coach? The Transitional Coach provides leadership and oversight of the Transitional process. This includes:

  • Ongoing guidance and communication for the Elders as related to the transition process.
  • Serving as a guest participant at Elders meetings throughout the Transitional process.
  • To oversee the assessment process of the overall health of the congregation including strengths to celebrate and Key Result Areas (KRAs) to be addressed.
  • To present the results of the assessment and a plan to address the Key Result Areas to the Elders and congregation.
  • Working with a team appointed by the Elders to write the Pastoral Profile document.
  • Guiding the review, clarification and/or development of church’s Vision/Mission and the Pastoral Profile.
  • To work with the Elders for the advancement of the health and vitality of the church through the period of Transition.
  • To provide preaching ministry when specific Transitional issues may need to be addressed.
  • To ensure stellar communication with the congregation on key issues related to the Transitional process.
  • To be available to provide pastoral services on a backup basis, if the need should urgently arise.

Keeping You Informed
We want to be sure we keep the congregation informed about the journey of Transition. There are a number of ways communication will take place:

  • Regular updates during Sunday gatherings
  • E-mails, bulletin updates and printed newsletters  A blog on the church website
  • The church’s Facebook page

For further information about the Transitional process you can also contact any Elder or our Transitional Coach Gerry Teichrob at pathwaysforward@shaw.ca or call 778-998-6265. Gerry will usually keep office hours on Wednesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings if you wish to meet with him.