Planted in 1980 as part of the Christian Brethren Movement and strongly influenced by the renewal movement of that time Emmanuel Christian Community is a Bible- based Christian church with weekly worship services incorporating music, prayer, sharing, Scriptural teaching and the Lord's Supper (communion).

As our name Emmanuel implies we believe that God is with us individually and corporately and that it is His Spirit which enables us to love and minister to one another, and to use the gifts He has given each one to further His kingdom.

As Christians, we believe in the saving power of Jesus Christ. By His Holy Spirit we seek to be a "priesthood of all believers" and to practise His commandment to love one another. Housegroups provide a practical forum for Bible study, prayer, relationships, mutual care and fostering our commitment to Christian community.

We believe that Jesus is the head of His Universal Church and of our local body of believers. A group of appointed elders shepherd and oversee the needs and ministries of the church.

We'd love to connect to talk more about what we're all about.

 Senior Pastor:  Ken Pierce

Senior Pastor: Ken Pierce

 Associate Pastor:  Andreas Russell

Associate Pastor: Andreas Russell

 Office Admin:  Cherylin Pattern

Office Admin: Cherylin Pattern